Starter hosting – 100Mb of web space with full control panel

Don't just park your domain, use it - most sites only need this amount of space

Most web site owners do not need masses of space, but they are forced to buy expensive hosting plans simply because they need lots of email addresses, databases, or want to run scripts and software which uses PHP or CGI. We think this is madness, so our basic hosting plan comes with 100Mb of space, but with all the features and the server setup you get with our other plans.

With our Starter Hosting, you can use your domains rather than just park them. You get 100 Mb professional linux hosting, unlimited email addresses, unlimited FTP Accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, full cPanel control panel, PHP and CGI enabled, all for just £9.99 a year with no set up fees.


Why pay more? Order UKCZ Starter hosting now

Use your existing domain name, or register one with us first

If you've registered your domain name with us it will already be setup and ready to host with us.
If not, either register your domain first, or if you registered your domain name with another registrar just ask them to change the nameservers to and

Domain name to use with this hosting: